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What is A Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of primary health care that aims to ensure timely access to comprehensive, patient-centered care delivered by teams of primary care providers and their staff, who coordinate all aspects of a patient’s health care needs. This includes the management of chronic conditions, reminders of needed checkups and tests, and care transitions to and from specialist and hospital visits.

Clinicians, insurers, purchasers, consumer groups and others know the patient-centered medical home is a proven alternative to the nation’s costly, fragmented delivery system.  Research confirms that medical homes can lead to higher quality and lower costs, and can improve patient and provider experiences of care.  For more information on PCMH or NCQA, visit

Our PCMH Responsibilities to YOU:REC_PCMH11

  • To listen to your questions and concerns and to explain disease, treatment, and results in an easy-to- understand way.
  • To coordinate your overall care, sending you to trusted specialists if needed.
  • To provide you with same day appointments whenever possible.
  • To provide instruction on how to access the care you need when the office is not open.
  • To provide clear instructions about your treatment goals and future plans for every visit.

YOUR Responsibilities in a PCMH are:

  • To ask questions and be active in your care.
  • To provide your health history, and other important information, including any changes in your health.
  • To call our office first with your health concerns unless it is an emergency.
  • To inform us whenever you utilize any other health system such as the emergency room or a self referral to a  specialist.
  • To have a clear understanding about your treatment goals and future health goals.


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