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Clinical Lab Event Puts Nursing Skills to the Test

MAY 10, 2022 - MT. STERLING, KY - Quality skills resulting in exemplary service were the established goals when Sterling Health Care (SHC) recently held its first extensive skills lab for clinical care staff. According to SHC Clinical Manager Jennifer Hager, staff were required to demonstrate skills necessary to perform at a measurable level of high quality and, secondly, to deliver those skills in a manner provding a positive experience to the patient.

Clinical Manager Jennifer Hager (right) works with one of Sterling Health Care’s Clinical Care team during one of the lab activities.

“This organization prides itself in delivering excellent patient care,” said Hager. “The clinical staff are the front runners to the patients. They are capable of changing a patient’s perspective entirely, so it is very important that they hone the skills necessary for creating positive experiences.”

MinDee Hudson, Chief Operating Officer for SHC, added that the laboratory setting affords other advantages as well.

“The nursing role is vital to quality patient care and safety, especially since they provide information the provider will potentially use to make clinical decisions,” she said. “They provide injections/medications to patients, draw blood, obtain specimens, etc, to it is of the utmost importance that their skills are evaluated and determined acceptable to meet the needs of the care team and patient.”

Hager indicated the intense skills lab would occur for SHC’s teams on an annual basis each April.

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